About us

Hello, welcome to our shop! My name is Alison and my husband is Cliff. We are a husband and wife team of jewelers. I found my passion for jewelry after taking jewelry making classes in college.  I started making and selling my work at local art markets and stores around New Orleans while finishing my Fine Arts Degree. Cliff learned how to make jewelry through the more traditional route, apprenticing when he was just a teenager, working in the Audubon Building (If you know, you know!).  He worked for several jewelers in the French Quarter and others around town, until he settled with a local jewelry designer. He worked for her for 30 years until we joined forces and started making jewelry together in 2018. 

I design all of our jewelry and we handcraft every piece together, starting with thick sheet and wire, sculpting out forms into beautiful pieces of wearable art. We offer both production and one of a kind pieces. If you have any questions, please send us a message!

Thanks for your interest in our work!